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or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress”

by the late Lord Timothy Dexter


This transcription of Dexter's inimitable literary achievement --- "A Pickle for the Knowing Ones; or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress" --- contains the full appendix from the first edition, as reprinted in Newburyport in 1847 by Enoch Hale, Jr. The introduction ("Preface") and the profile ("Life and Genius of Lord Dexter") --- as well as the annotations, likely from the same anonymous contributor --- originate from the 1838 reprint of Dexter's opus, which had omitted the addenda printed in the original. This appendix had been restored to later versions and is included here, along with Dexter's famous "Deare Oilen" toast to liberty and progress.

"Pickle"--- as this digest is commonly known --- is a collection of correspondence and chronicles penned by Dexter and first self-published as an anthology in May of 1802. There were at least four reprints of this publication during Dexter’s lifetime, with nearly a dozen now extant. To commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the first publication, "Pickle" is now served as "foude fer thort" on what Dexter might call a "Noue DisCovery of men and things, a Noue systom of knollege & Lite."


Mister Printers --- on N Port --- I thank thee to put thous skraps into your paper I being one of your customers and I will pa you for it --- A Littel mousement to mankind at Large --- A Littel sortment to poussel mankind for gassing A bout Nater & things of Noue DisCoverys of men and things. I --- I --- me T Dexter of N Port Desires Any man or men on the gloube to Exseede me as to what I have Rote in my Littel book, and what I can Rite Consarning Nater and the sole and the frame of man … I am the old plane Tim to see any felosofer in the world Ime

Lord Timothy Dexter

"First in the East,
First in the West,
And the Greatest Philosopher
In the Western World"



The 1847 reprint of Dexter's renowned anthology, including a corollary, has been transcribed and posted in its entirety (the "holl Pickle") and presented as four sequential "folios." When fully digesting Dexter's "foude fer thort" ~ the viewer has the option to view the content verbatim et spellatim or with the translation aside the original transcription (the "split Pickle"). The Knowing Ones suggest the viewer should first sample "Pickle" straight from the barrel, in its original brine.
~ Folio 1 ~
View text as transcribed ~ verbatim et spellatim
View now as "Split Pickle" ~ Original transcription/translation
Lord Dexter relates how he was created Lord by the People, announces his intention of forming a Museum of great men, that shall be the wonder of the world, and shall confound his enemies.
Lord Dexter relates how he came to Fortune, by Speculations in Warming-Pans, Whalebone, Bibles, and Government Securities.
Lord Dexter informs the whole World of the improvements made and contemplated about his Palace: describes his Tomb, etc.
~ Folio 2 ~
View Text as transcribed ~ verbatim et spellatim
View now as "Split Pickle" ~ Original transcription/translation
Lord Dexter depicts the evil results of making Two Towns of One; advises against Office-Seeking and College-Learning.
Magnanimity of Lord Dexter.
Lord Dexter’s Dissertation on Man.
Lord Dexter against Colleges and Priests.
QUIXOTANA: Lord Dexter’s Pugilism --- Rencontre with a Lawyer --- the Peer suffers ignominious defeat.
Lord Dexter discourses very learnedly on Bridges; arrives to the conclusion that Newburyport will double its population in thirty years, and ends with a splendid donation to the town to be remembered in his will.
~ Folio 3 ~
View Text as transcribed ~ verbatim et spellatim
View now as "Split Pickle" ~ Original transcription/translation
PRINTED ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS (spelling and punctuation modified by publisher, The Impartial Herald)
Lord Dexter’s Domestic Afflictions.
Forbid by the Ghost of his Wife to become a Mason; Makes a contract with the Ghost to quit his estate.
~ Folio 4 ~
View Text as transcribed ~ verbatim et spellatim
View now as "Split Pickle" ~ orgiinal transcription/translation
Lord Dexter announces the Demise of the Infernal Monarch and the Pope; proposes himself for Emperor.
Lord Dexter divulges his anticipations of an Empire, with himself at its head --- he as a Quaker Monarch, to give Peace to the World; his views founded on remarkable Prognostics at his Birth.
Lord Dexter, like other men of the world, was a constant and enthusiastic writer for the press. Though some of his letters have been collected and many have been quoted in this life there are several gems of composition that seem peculiarly worthy of a modern reader’s attention. Several of them here follow, which show, as well as the “Pickle,” his sterling character and unparalleled point of view.
Dexter’s Humor.
Lord Dexter --- Again!
Corollary --- Prosit! Correspondence chronicling Dexter's 1793 Deer Island Speech and an exculpatory explanation and self-introduction from the Man of Letters.

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