A Day in the Life of a Lord & his Poet Laureate ~
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Lord Timothy Dexter & Jonathan Plummer
in the twin parlors of the Tracy House
{now serving as the Newburyport Public Library's reading room}

The Tracy House was Dexter's abode from 1791 to 1796
& Plummer was a frequent guest amongst a circle
of the Knowing Ones ...

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Dexter & Plummer survey
The Fourth Estate ~ beginning with
the local "nous papers" ... 


Dexter initially finds the weekly Current
a tad difficult to folow ...


Plummer peruses Saturday's issue of
The Daily News to further pursue
ideas with Lord Tim ...



Swapping journals, Dexter takes note of
a front page photo & turns to review
the astrological week to Keep Pace with
the Heavens & "hie tides & loue tides
in the Warter side" ...


Assessing the local fortnightly broadside ~
Poet Laureate Jonathan Plummer reacts ...


then his Lordship gets a strong sense
of the"billyess Nater of the buy Weakly"



On their way ~ the two pause at the
timepiece "a pease off by owers" &
Lord Tim ~ fanatic about timekeeping ~
leaves a marker to indicate that
we have come this far.


The Knowing Ones confer on
the steps of the "publick librey" ~
asking the good question: Where have
we been, where are we now &
where are we going?


Lord Tim & Plummer decide to
recollect themselves with familiar
surroundings ~ a neighboring
dwelling house across the way
on upper State Street ...



The two pose "out dors at the hous" of
Senator Tristram Dalton ~ where George
Washington would break fast after an
overnight stay at the Tracy House
in October 1789 ...


"Grate minnes comeYouknitTate"
& grasp the Once in a Blue Moon
at hand for the
Waterside people of today ~ as the
community marks another generation
& a 240-year milestone since the
establishment of the Waterside Third
Parish of Newbury as the separate
town of Newburyport in 1764.


Jonathan Plummer & Lord Timothy Dexter
pose in front of the Historical Society of
Newbury's Cushing House Museum on the
corner of High and Fruit Streets in
Newburyport ...




before going "in dors toue see Dexter's ARtyfacks" ~
at the invitation of Museum Curator Jay Williamson ...


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