A Day in the Life of a Lord & his Poet Laureate ~
Come Wot May!

The eccentric Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport ~
the prodigious & prosperous 18th Century merchant adventurer
who had prophesied he may "come back & see houe you all goue on" ~

along with his "gud frind & As Soshyat" Jonathan Plummer ~
ertswhile fish monger, traveling preacher & Poet Laureate to his Lordship
& "their majesties the sovereign people"

are both beckoned back to Newburyport to partake in
the 2004 Yankee Homecoming Festivities ~
"Welcome to my hometown!"

We hap upon the two one fine "Sattaday" afternoon ~


Jonathan Plummer & Lord Timothy Dexter
"ould frinds" meet on Inn Street ~ nearby
to where Wolfe Tavern once stood
on the corner of Threadneedle Alley
& State (then Fish) Streets.
Postponing their repast until later ~
they commence the afternoon's
industry & familiar commerce.


Jonathan Plummer in Market Square ~
much as he handseled
some 240 years
ago when Newburyport was "noue."
(Read the leaflet~broadside.)


Lord Tim arrives as a fair wind rises to
windward for the launch of The Ship ~
& Nigh time to meet with a benefactor of
this year's Yankee Homecoming festival.



A Window of Opportunity ~
Lord Timothy Dexter &
Jonathan Plummer pose
in front of Banknorth, a
Yankee Homecoming sponsor.


The Banknorth door is opened ...
"T. Dexter says four things: Wants good
judgment to live in the world, in giving
and lending, trusting and borrowing."


"Wons in dors" the two join this year's
Yankee Homecoming Chairperson
Kathy Heywood, meeting with
a Banknorth bank official.
Banknorth recently acquired
First & Ocean National Bank &
looks forward to an active role
in the community



At the bank teller ... All told,
Dexter finds himself in quite a
different financial position than some
7 generations ago ~ when gains from
his successful "spekkelation" in
depreciated continentals afforded
his purchase of the Tracy House.


Venturing up State Street, the two
visit the Tracy House where
Dexter lived from 1791-1796 ~
which now serves as the Annex to
the Newburyport Public Library ~
reopening in 2001 after extensive
renovations & expansion.


Puzzled to find the grand entrance
to the Tracy House is locked,
they make their descent from the
landing place & retrace their steps into
a New Millennium ~ merging old & new.



Seeking entry anew ~
the two pass beneath the branch of
the old magnolia while reminiscing
about the past & planning the future.


After greetings in the foyer of the
expanded ibrary ~ they get their
bearings from a librarian & learn that
an important "Orfishel" is due to arrive.


Dexter & Plummer pose with
US Rep. John F. Tierney of the Sixth
Congressional District in advance of
the Congressman's community meeting
to be held in the library's program room.





Seeking "Lite" on the current state of affairs ~
{with matters local, regional, national & global}

Lord Tim suggests the two review "wots noue in the nous papers"

in the library's reading room ....

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