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Transmigration of Dexter to dragonfly
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lord dexter dexter's dog
Graphic design from the book cover of Marquand's "fictionalized biography"
~ inspired by the James Akin's engraving of a full length portrait

Eccentric 18th Century Entrepreneur ~
Merchant ~ Trader ~ Shipowner with
an Argosy of good will & fortune ~
Shrewd Investor with a Midas Touch ~
Impresario & Patron of the Arts ~
Founder of the "World Mouseum of
Grate Wonder & grat Caricters" ~
Classic Progressive "Libperel" ~
the Waterside "Informer (of Deer)" ~
Self-appointed "Consler of Trouth" ~
Naturalist & Horticulturalist ~
Philanthropist & Benefactor ~
Philosopher & Forerunner of the
the Transcendental Movement ~
Man of Letters ~ "Assayist" ~ Publisher
of Missives for all Ages & Aegis ~ the
Original Orthographer & Author of
"A Pickle for the Knowing Ones; or
Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress"

Come to know more ~ Behold the ken!
The Array of Threads that
Weave the Fabric of this Vision


Punctuating Remarks to open your "thinking part" ~ from one of the Knowing Ones

Thought to hold dear ~ T. Dexter says: "The sole is the thinking part" ~
Ply this Lifeline with a thread from the work of a famous British Bard ~
"Be sure I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul rememb'ring my good friends"

Lord Timothy Dexter is the E-vangelist Extraordinaire for the organic movement ~
the Waterside, in a Motion of

What's new (or as Lord Tim was wont to spell it out ~ "wots noue")

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All Let us be sure to count our blessings
For to quote Lord Tim: "An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from!"

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Transmigration of Dexter to dragonfly

Lord Timothy Dexter ~
strawman & figurehead for
the Waterside movement ~
stands in (pro)Motion of Comity
where the Old Wolfe Tavern once stood
on Inn Street, Newburyport

As one of the Knowing Ones'
"scarecrows in courage, brave
good exploits"
ventured during the
Newburyport Chamber of Commerce
October 2006 Harvest Festival
Annual Scarecrow Contest ~

Just a passing fancy to mark the
200-year milestone of Dexter's passing on October 23, 1806 ~
( Sum thing more Coming with the Turn of the Wheel in 2007 ~
Come to know more in moons to come! )

© 2006 Bright iDear
Lord Tim ~ "Boddey & sole" ~
"For, of the soul,
the body form doth take.
For soul is form,
and doth the body make."
Edmund Spenser (1552 - 1599)

"The man is only half himself,
the other half his expression!"

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 -1882)

Dexter in Motion & Absolute Balance
Photographic memories ~ photo
opportunities & virtual vignettes

(An ever-evolving photo journal)

E-ternal Epilogue to Dexter's
original 1806 obituary & epitaph

(Cast in stone ~ to atone on a 200-year milestone)

Links within & without ~ Dexter's Contexture ~ The Array of Threads that Weave
the Fabric of this Vision ~ Homespun by the Darning Needle
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Check out "wots noue" at the Virtual Wolfe Tavern ~
where yesterday's tradition e-merges with today's technology ~
Lord Tim, eager to serve as Keeper at the newly licensed E-stablishment advises ~
"Now turn the systom of knollege & Lite into good morrels of onnesty and good Axions"

The Knowing Ones are most receptive to your "thorts" ~ Lord Tim@LordTimothyDexter.com
~ Afterlight as of the 2nd of July, 2008 ~

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